3 Sneaky Tips To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Obsessed With You

Published: 02nd March 2009
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Congratulations on finding this article. This is your first step to getting your ex girlfriend madly in love with you again. You will learn exactly how to get girlfriend back.

I know you are most definitely feeling haste to get her back, so without any further delays, here's three killer tips to get your ex girlfriend's attention again.

** 1) The sneaky way to success. **

So your girlfriend just dumped you? That's great! Guess what you are going to do now? Act like it was the best thing that could ever happen to you.

The plan is simple. You have to make her realized that she needs you back in her life. How do we do this? It should seem to her as if you have started doing things like the following.

You have already moved on, are seeing some new people, just got a raise at work and are hitting the gym 5 times a week!

Okay, now for the beauty of it all. Do don't have to really do any of this, you just need to appear as if you are already moving on with your life. This in itself is very, very attractive.

You also don't have any more time for your ex, at least for the following month or so.

Guess who will all of a sudden feel rejection? That's right, your ex girlfriend! Bwhahaha!

You know that horrible neediness you've been feeling to beg your girlfriend to come back? Now they are feeling it themselves! All you need to do now is be strong and wait. They WILL make contact.

** 2) Find your happiness without her. **

This is a very critical part of the whole recovery process. In order for you to ever get your ex girlfriend back, you really need to deal with this painful neediness that you are experiencing at the moment.

Put some time aside just for yourself. It's important the you become aware how you feel so that you can know what you need to work on.

In the ExBackTestimonials.com 6-Part mini course I reveal a technique that has received incredible response. It literally helps you melt the pain away so that you can start dealing with getting your girlfriend back head-on.

** 3) Let her be the cat, you the string. **

The thing that any person wants most in life is the things that they cannot get. This is a universal truth and we can use this to get your girlfriend back in no time.

A cat can be occupied for hours by a string that is just out of its reach. The moment it gets the string, though, it immediately loses all interest in it.

You need to become the string. How do you do this? You simply start acting indifferent towards her.

The things I've seen happen to guys who use this technique will blow your mind as it did mine when I first saw it.

By appearing to be unavailable and uninterested in a girl, you can charge her up emotionally to the point where she starts chasing you!

At this point, my friend, YOU have the power. It's really simple to get your ex girlfriend to this exact point, if you know how to set it up properly.


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