3 Critical Ways To Get That Confident Attitude That Makes Your Ex Want You Back

Published: 23rd April 2009
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Although a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend can leave you feeling incredibly depressed, I'm here to bring you some good news. A breakup actually doesn't mean that the relationship is over by any means. If the breakup has left you cold and confused, I'm willing to bet you would love to get your ex back again. Before you do this there are a few things you need to know first. If you learn exactly how to act after a breakup and you become aware of how to to place the relationship under any more pressure, you have taken one giant step towards getting your ex back already.

Sometimes it can seem impossible to even crack a smile, but relationship experts unanimously agree that keeping a positive attitude following a breakup can work wonders. It's also true that a positive person is just generally much more attractive than a negative person. Here are some ways to keep that confident attitude you need.

1) Keep Your Confidence - Like I just said, positive confidence is an incredibly attractive trait in a person. Instead of walking around feeling gloomy, try to indulge yourself in the things that keep you occupied and happy. Anything to keep the depression at bay. Make it clear to your ex boyfriend or girlfriend that you are more than capable of handling this breakup. You can easily survive without them.

2) Don't Become A Hermit - If you're sure about getting your ex back, make sure that all the people around you are on the same page and are just as positive about it as yourself. Be the best friend you can be to your friends and even better, mutual friends of you and your ex. If so many people love you and appreciate you for who you are you can be sure it will reach your ex. He or she will realize that it's madness to let you go. This is by far one of the best ways to make your ex think differently about you again.

3) Always Look Good - Something to keep in mind is not to let your external appearance reflect your internal heartache, especially in front of your ex. I would actually recommend taking this time to pay special attention to your whole image, including clothes, shoes and hair. A breakup can be really crippling but do not give into that! If you are looking good and healthy this lets your ex know that you are doing great and still living your life. It makes it clear that you will be getting back together like adults who are responsible for themselves.


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